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Do You Suffer From Bulimia And Do You Have A Bloated Stomach?

Do you know someone who suffers from bulimia? If so, then you are probably aware of the fact that bulimics often experience bloating. Perhaps you are a recovering bulimic or currently receiving bulimia treatment and find this symptom alone makes you crave for an empty or a flatter stomach? Thus, the bloating tempts the bulimic to purge, which in turn initiates another incident of binging, and the downward spiral is perpetuated.

There are a lot of self-esteem issues that stem from this type of restraint behavior (such as wishing you were slimmer or needing your stomach to feel empty). Do you actually hate your stomach? Do you obsess about the curve of your abdomen?

During just one sitting, a binger can ingest a remarkable amount of food and drink, but often their conscious minds don't allow them to consider why their stomachs bloat. For a majority of people, enduring the discomfort of a bloated belly simply means waiting a short period of time for all that food to be digested, and then the bloating is gone. But even that short period of time is too much for a bulimia sufferer to endure; she is too afraid of gaining weight from absorbing calories.

Perhaps being more aware of the physiological and biochemical processes that takes place in your own body in this region, may guide you to safety, rather than self-abuse in the future? Therefore, what could be going on inside your stomach really?

For someone who isn't suffering from bulimia, a distended belly is caused by gases that are trapped in your stomach and/or intestines. The swelling may cause some discomfort, but it is generally brief and harmless. For women, a bloated belly often signifies water retention, which is a common symptom of menstruation.

Sometimes, your weight may fluctuate because you are on a diet one week and off it the next; this constant variation in your weight may result in the walls of your stomach stretching.

It is especially imperative that bulimia sufferers allow the time for bloating to pass, because it is a direct result of the large intake of food all at once. Instead focus on being able to bring back some inner control in resisting that binge in the first place. You can achieve this by understanding the various causes and triggers that cause you to reach out for food instead of life solutions and strategies.

For most sufferers, this awareness can be brought about by exploring stress and anxiety caused by bloated stomach with an expert who specializes in bulimia treatment. This way the therapist will not only help you appreciate where you feel you are most vulnerable at, but also give you set of tools and build your confidence to overcome the trigger that causes so many anxieties and starts the vicious cycle again. If you are willing to understand that there are effective ways of protecting yourself from your feelings of self-hatred and remorse, you can beat this illness and find the happiness that has evaded you for so long.